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          Asun Powder Coating

          Integrating research and development, production, sales, and service of powder coatings

          • 2010YearFound
          • 1500 Production base
          • 12Twig Beltline
          • 7000Ton Annual output

          According to customer equipment and product requirementsCustomizing multiple coating solutions

          Established in December 2010, Changzhou Asun Powder Coating Technology co.,Itd is located in Wujin Hi-tech Industrial Development zone and a specialized manufacturer integrating researching and developing,producing,marketing and services.

          Asun Products

          Integrating research and development, production, sales, and service of powder coatings

          High hardness and wear resistant powder coating

          Due to its excellent wear resistance, weather resistance, and high hardness, this material is suitable for the coating of all metal products that require high mechanical properties such as coating appearance hardness and wear resistance, such as IKEA, lifting desks, heavy industry machinery, and the inner wall of high-altitude work platforms. The colors are rich and colorful, with options for flat, matte, and sanded effects. It can be made into various series such as epoxy polyester, low-temperature curing, or ultra weather resistant.

          Pure polyester weather resistant low-temperature curing powder

          This type of powder is a powder coating developed for ultra-thick steel, heavy industry machinery, and tower cranes. It is a powder with excellent leveling, breathability, weather resistance, chemical resistance, and salt spray properties.

          Ultra weather resistant powder

          This type of powder is a super weather resistant powder coating mainly made of high-performance weather resistant polyester resin and TGIC, suitable for outdoor buildings, aluminum profiles, curtain walls or heavy industry machinery, containers, automotive industry, high-altitude work platforms, tower cranes, high-speed guardrails, etc. 10 years of outdoor application, with good film integrity, it is a powder with good leveling performance, excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance, salt spray performance, and acid and alkaline resistance.

          Building quality and brand with higher standards

          Strict quality control to create products for you

          Adapt to various industry requirements

          The company has multiple professional technical research and development teams for polymer materials, which develop and produce a series of products that can meet the requirements of various industries

          News and information

          Follow Aisen's updates and learn about industry information